Project Summary
In the current state of the world today, businesses and economic systems are being challenged and put to the test now more so than ever before. The local shops that we know and love are in financial jeopardy, and even just the thought of starting a business nowadays seems out of the question. However, small private businesses are worth fighting for, and the resources to succeed should be readily available to all.
• Cohesive program branding
• Strategic marketing
• User research

Capitalists Connected equips aspiring 
entrepreneurs and compromised business owners with the tools and advice that it takes to keep their company alive and well.
Unconventional Marketing Strategy
The Capitalists Connected platinum debit card is a representative token of what this conference is all about: commerce and the exchange of ideas. The purpose behind this marketing technique is for attendees to use this card at their favorite shops and stores, where business owners will become informed of the event.
It is a subtle, yet effective way of bringing awareness to the conference.
Promotional video created using Adobe After Effects. Analog footage was created by using dry ice and a flash mount to create a smoke effect. Other footage of speakers was appropriated from online sources.

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